Finca Barlovento, Santa Marta, Colombia

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Welcome to Finca Barlovento, watch the sea and mountains from the cabañas Barlovento

Experience a dream between the river and the sea. 

Finca Barlovento is an ecotourist cottage located on a rock between Piedras river and Caribbean sea, at only 5 minutes from Tayrona National Park in Santa Marta. 

It offers to its guests an oasis of calm and natural beauty embedded in ecotourist comfort.

Finca Barlovento has two differents accomodations with views of the sea and the mountais: Cabaña Barlovento 1 and 2. Click above to know more. 

                                 alt                                Cabaña Barlovento 2               

Los Naranjos beach is very recommended for surferts. The bathing in the river is something magical, specially in the evening with the warm water flows. 

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Address: Los Naranjos Beach, Santa Marta (Colombia)

Phone: 0057 316-695-21-12

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Our services

  • Fantastic views of the sea, the mountain and the river.
  • Delicious breakfasts and dinners included.
  • Lunch on demand.
  • Restaurant.
  • Sun terrace with hammocks.
  • Guided day tours in the area.
  • Lockers for personal intems.
  • Transport service: 75,000 pesos from Santa Marta, 100,000 from the airport.


Puntos de interés:

  • Tayrona Park at only 5 minutes by car.
  • Quebradas de Valencia
  • Río Don Diego
  • Reserva Tayronaka.


A dream place for your relaxation.

Finca Barlovento won the National Award of Natural Integration if you have the chance to visit it, you will understand why.

It is a completely natural space between the waters of the river and the sea, surrounded by the tipical vegetation of Tayrona Park and the mountains of Sierra Nevada.