Finca Barlovento, Santa Marta, Colombia

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Finca Barlovento is located in Los Naranjos beach, at only 5 minutes drive from the main entrance of Tayrona Park in Cañaveral. It's needed to reserve to enter the finca as it is an exclusive and private area for the guests of the finca.

If you wish to visit the spectacular Tayrona Park, you must buy the ticket that has a price of: 42,000 pesos for foreingners, 16,000 for colombians and 8,500 for children. To go to Tayrona you must take a bus next to the finca that leaves you in 5 minutes in the entrance.

Location Vídeo:

Finca Barlovento

Address: Los Naranjos Beach, Troncal del Caribe, km 33. Santa Marta (Colombia)

Phone: (0057) 312-719-9643